The regular meeting of the East Carroll Parish School Board was held Tuesday, February 5, 2002 beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Boardroom of the School Board Office.


Member(s) present: Mrs. Georjean Jackson, Reverend Tommy McKeel, Mr. Buford Perry, Mr. Ralph Coleman, Ms. Oleaner Green, Mr. Glenn Dixon, and Mr. Gene Edmondson


Member(s) absent: Mrs. Fannie Hawkins, Mrs. Evangeline Fields


The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. Georjean Jackson, and all visitors were welcomed


Invocation was given by Mr. Gene Edmondson


Correction For The Record: Mr. Gene Edmondson informed the board that Sheriff Mark Shumate would be willing to assist the school board with cutting grass on the school campuses


Mr. Gene Edmondson moved, seconded by Mr. Buford Perry to accept the minutes of the regular meeting of January 8, 2002




Mr. Glenn Dixon moved, seconded by Reverend Tommy McKeel to allow Ms. Savannah Branch to schedule a wedding reception in the bandroom of the Lake Providence Senior High School on March 23, 2002 beginning at 5:00 p.m.




Mr. Buford Perry moved, seconded by Ms. Oleaner Green to add three items to the agenda:


1.  School Campus Mowing Proposal from the Sheriff's Department

2.  School Accountability Awards

3.  Out-of-State Travel by School Employees




Mrs. Georjean Jackson, board president, appointed the following board members to develop a school campus mowing proposal to present to the Sheriff's Department: Mr. Ralph Coleman, Mr. Buford Perry, Mr. Glenn Dixon, Ms. Oleaner Green and Mr. Gene Edmondson (alternate)


School Accountability Awards will be presented by the State Department of Education to the following schools:


Monticello High School                                       $  5, 000

Northside Elementary                                         $10, 414

Southside Elementary                                        $  8, 455

Transylvania Elementary                                     $  3, 751

Lake Providence Jr. High      Award pending finalization of appeal


Mr. Glenn Dixon moved, seconded by Mr. Gene Edmondson to grant out-of-state travel for employees listed below to attend the National Education Association Conference at Birmingham, Alabama for April 4-5, 2002


1.         Elizabeth Brown

2.         Virginia Green

3.         Leartrice Hawkins

4.         Rosie Henderson

5.         Thomas Miller

6.         Willie Mae Stewart

7.         Lillie Hawkins




Reverend Tommy McKeel moved, seconded by Mr. Gene Edmondson to accept the resignation of Mrs. Camille Wise, school nurse, effective February 8, 2002




Mr. Buford Perry moved, seconded by Mr. Ralph Coleman to table the Charter School Proposal as presented by Mr. Wyly Gilfoil pending additional study by board members




Reapportionment Proposal: The board authorized Mr. Marrage Facen, Superintendent, to contact Mr. Robert Waxman of Innovation Communications, Inc. to determine if census data warranted reapportionment, and the cost to develop a reapportionment plan


Mr. Buford Perry moved, seconded by Mr. Gene Edmondson to take the tractor/mower bid under advisement pending a meeting with the School Campus Mowing Committee




Mr. Gene Edmondson moved, seconded by Mr. Glenn Dixon to approve employment of Mrs. Cheryl Kennedy and Mrs. Elizabeth Wright as tutors for the America Reads Program




Mr. Buford Perry moved, seconded by Mr. Gene Edmondson to adjourn the meeting