East Carroll Parish School Board

Special Meeting, 5:00 P.M.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Members present: Ms. Carolyn Ward, Mrs. Jacqueline Folks, Mr. Gene Edmondson, Mr. Roger Shoemaker, Mrs. Shirley Fairchild, Mrs. Georjean Jackson, Ms. Arlean Hampton, and Mrs. Harriet Bridges


Members absent: Mr. Marion Carraway


The special meeting of East Carroll Parish School Board was called to order by President, Mrs. Georjean Jackson.


Invocation was given by Mr. Gene Edmondson and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by the audience.


Mrs. Harriet Bridges moved, seconded by Mr. Gene Edmondson to move the Life insurance group from UNUM Life Insurance Co. to Reliance Standard reducing the retiree class to $20,000 and keeping the active classes the same and to lock in a two year rate guarantee with the new company.


Voting for the motion:  Gene Edmondson, Jacqueline Folks, Shirley Fairchild, Harriet Bridges


Voting against the motion: Carolyn Ward, Roger Shoemaker, Arlean Hampton




Ms. Arlean Hampton moved, seconded by Mrs. Carolyn Ward to lift the salary freeze and give all employees a one year experience increment.




Mr. Gene Edmondson moved, seconded by Ms. Arlean Hampton to adjourn.