East Carroll Parish School Board

Regular Meeting 6:30 P.M.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Members present: Mr. Gene Edmondson, Mrs. Jacqueline Folks, Ms. Pamela Harvey, Mrs. Shirley Fairchild, and Mrs. Wanda Jackson.

Members absent: None


The regular meeting was called to order by president, Mrs. Jacqueline Folks.


Invocation was given by Mr. Gene Edmondson and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by all.


Mrs. Wanda Jackson moved, seconded by Mrs. Shirley Fairchild to adopt the minutes of September 6, 2016 regular board meeting and September 12, 2016 special board meeting.




The following personnel changes were made for the month:


Mary Jackson                 Food Technician            Southside Elementary retroactive May 20, 2015


Extended Sick Leave

Evangelia King-Fields    Food Technician       Southside Elementary retroactive Aug 11, 2016-Sept 2, 2016


 Mr. Gene Edmondson moved, seconded by Mrs. Wanda Jackson to approve the e-Grant Federal Consolidated application for 2016-2017.




Mrs. Wanda Jackson moved, seconded by Ms. Pamela Harvey to give the superintendent permission to advertise for bids for farm land:


a.     Farm Land #609 (Adams/Monticello-123.8 acres)

b.     Farm Land #609 (Adams/Monticello-12 acres)



Mrs. Jacqueline Folks moved by roll call vote to approve a Resolution granting the board president authority to sign documents for the sale of Monticello High School.


Wanda Jackson        X     For      Against

Shirley Fairchild        X     For      Against

Pamela Harvey        X     For      Against

Gene Edmondson    X     For      Against

Jacqueline Folks       X     For     Against




Mr. Gene Edmonson moved, seconded by Ms. Pamela Harvey to adjourn.