East Carroll Parish School Board: Regular Meeting - 6:30 P.M.

Tuesday- October 1, 2019


Members present: Mr. Gene Edmondson, Mrs. Shirley Fairchild, Mrs. Jacqueline Folks, Mrs. Wanda Jackson, and Mr. John Shoemaker


Mrs. Wanda Jackson moved, seconded by Mr. John Shoemaker to adopt the minutes of September 3, 2019 regular board meeting and September 23, 2019 special board meeting.

Motion Passed


For informational purposes only: See Attachment


There was no use of facility


Mrs. Shirley Fairchild moved, seconded by Mrs. Wanda Jackson to give the superintendent permission to advertise for bids on the following farmland:

A.     Adams at Monticello (123.8 acres) #609

B.     Adams at Monticello (12 acres) #609

Motion Passed


Mr. Gene Edmondson moved, seconded by Mr. John Shoemaker a motion to adjourn

Motion Passed