The East Carroll Parish School Board shall require a comprehensive alcohol, tobacco, drug, and substance abuse prevention education program be incorporated into every school of the district that shall include grade appropriate programs on the education, prevention, and counseling of alcohol, tobacco, drug, and substance abuse.  Such programs shall be included in the school program so that every student in grades kindergarten through nine is involved for a minimum of sixteen (16) contact hours every school year, and every student in grades ten through twelve is involved for a minimum of eight (8) contact hours every school year.  The required minimum contact hours shall be incorporated into a comprehensive school health program.


As part of the alcohol, tobacco, drug, and substance abuse program, substance abuse counselors shall be appointed who shall visit every school regularly for the purpose of counseling students who have been identified as having an alcohol, drug, or substance abuse problem.


Any student enrolled in school who is identified as having a substance abuse problem, including manufacture or distribution, shall be required to participate in the school drug counseling program, or an equivalent approved by the School Board.


Each school shall have a substance abuse prevention team, whose membership shall be in accordance with statutory provisions that shall investigate, research, and report on all instances or reports of possession of controlled dangerous substances or alcoholic beverages.  The team shall adequately report their findings in writing and make appropriate recommendations for treatment, counseling, or other appropriate action to the principal of the school.




It is unlawful for anyone to use, distribute, be under the influence of, manufacture or possess any controlled substances as defined by statute on or around school property or an area within 2,000 feet of any property used for school purposes by any school, or on a school bus.  These areas shall be designated as Drug Free Zones.  The School Board, in cooperation with local governmental agencies, and the Louisiana Department of Education, shall designate and mark Drug Free Zones which surround all schools and school property.


Revised:  November, 2010



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Board minutes, 1-11-11


East Carroll Parish School Board