Since interscholastic athletics are considered extra-curricular activities, the East Carroll Parish School Board takes added precautions to assure that a student athlete shall be accorded reasonable safety measures.  Athletics are not an essential part of the educational process and thus not mandated by the East Carroll Parish School Board.  Consequently, the safety procedures required of participants are freely embraced by parents and athletes as opportunities to minimize injuries to the participants and to others who participate in sports.


The East Carroll Parish School Board's purpose is not to invade the privacy of the student athlete, but rather to identify a health problem or controlled substance dependency which would be counterproductive to the safety of the participant and his/her companions.


The procedure adopted by the East Carroll Parish School Board to accomplish this purpose shall be:


  1. A physical examination by a licensed physician.

  2. One or more urine analyses, taken from randomly-selected student athletes at varying times throughout the year, to determine if there is present any controlled substance which might impede the motor skills required in athletic endeavors and thus endanger the participant and/or others.  Urine samples shall be examined to determine the presence of controlled substances, including, but not limited to:


    1. Marijuana

    2. Cocaine

    3. Opiate

    4. Phencyclidine

    5. Amphetamines


The Drug Testing Policy shall be strictly enforced.  Participation will be mandatory since athletes have freely chosen to participate.  No student participant shall be tested unless the parent(s)/guardian(s) and participant sign the East Carroll Substance Abuse/Misuse Consent form as well as the LHSAA Substance Abuse/Misuse Consent form, giving permission to have the tests performed.  By signing, the parent(s)/guardian(s) and participant acknowledge that they have consented to the administration of urine tests and waive any claims of invasion of privacy and any objection to these safety proceedings.  Each student participant shall authorize the East Carroll Parish School Board to have the urine tests administered as part of its athletic program prior to any participation in practice or interscholastic competition.  Refusal to allow these tests to be administered shall immediately serve as notice that the student may not participate in interscholastic sports activities, including practice sessions.


The urine tests shall be performed by a professional laboratory and the results shall be kept confidential.  Collection of urine samples shall be collected in a manner so as to ensure both privacy for the individual and to ensure to validity of the sample for each participant. After results are reviewed and in all cases where a positive result is confirmed, the Superintendent of Schools shall be notified, who shall immediately contact the principal.  The parents and student participant shall immediately meet with the principal to discuss the results of the tests and procedure to be followed.  Normally only positive results indicating the presence of a controlled substance, shall be communicated to parents and student participants.


Each athlete shall release the East Carroll Parish School Board from any responsibility in connection with the administration of tests, warranties as to accuracy of said tests, and medical procedures used by the referring laboratories.


It shall be understood by the parents/guardians and the student participant that the East Carroll Parish School Board assumes no responsibility for diagnosing or treating any condition that may become known as a result of laboratory test(s).




Laboratory results will be sent directly to the Superintendent and the Child Welfare and Attendance Supervisor who will refer them to a medical doctor.  All reports of test results shall be maintained in strict confidentiality.


  1. First Positive:  Both the individual who has tested positive and his/her parents/guardians shall be immediately notified of the test results by the school's athletic administration.  Before continued participation will be permitted in the particular program, the student shall submit to a drug counseling program which shall be at his/her expense.  Refusal to participate in the recommended counseling program shall constitute disqualification from participation in any interscholastic athletic program.  The student must test negative at the end of a two (2) week counseling period, at his/her expense, before being allowed to resume participation.  A positive test result at the end of the two (2) week counseling program shall be treated as a second positive result.

  2. Second Positive:  Both the individual who has tested positive and his/her parent(s) and/or guardian(s) shall be immediately notified of the test results by the school's athletic administration.  The athlete shall be immediately dismissed from his/her activity and shall be ineligible for participation in any of the school's interscholastic athletics for a period of twelve (12) months.  The athlete shall also be required to participate in continued counseling as directed by the substance abuse officer.

  3. Third Positive (in eight semesters):  Any individual who tests positive for a third time during an eight (8) semester period (four years of eligibility) shall be terminated from interscholastic athletics for the remainder of their time in high school.


Under no circumstances shall any law enforcement personnel be notified of positive test results.  All results shall be for school related purposes and addressed in accordance with the terms, provisions, and conditions specified herein.



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East Carroll Parish School Board