The East Carroll Parish School Board is required to provide for the special educational needs of educationally deprived, neglected, or delinquent children through the provision of supplemental educational programs, school-wide programs, and the increased involvement of parents in their children's education.  The Louisiana Board of Education shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, develop and maintain projects and programs to assist participating children to improve their achievement in basic and advanced educational skills.  Such programs, projects and activities shall strive to improve the educational opportunities of educationally deprived children and shall comply with all related state and federal statutes and regulations.




The Board is charged with the responsibility for implementing programs, activities, and procedures for the involvement of parents in educational programs.  Parental involvement shall include parental input into the design and implementation of educational programs, training, and materials which build the parent's capacity to improve their children's learning in the home and school.


In order to assure the provision of a comprehensive range of opportunities that would ensure the full participation of parents in the design, operation, and evaluation of all special educational and related programs, the Board shall develop programs or activities that:


  1. Inform parents of the various programs their children participate in, the reasons for their children's participation in such programs, and the specific instructional objectives and methods of the program.

  2. Support the efforts of parents, including the training of parents, to the maximum extent practicable, to work with their children in the home to attain the instructional objectives established for each program, to understand the program requirements, and to train parents and teachers to build a partnership between home and school.

  3. Train teachers and other staff involved in educational programs to work effectively with the parents of participating students.

  4. Consult with parents, on an ongoing basis, concerning the manner in which the school and parents can better work together to achieve the program's objectives and to give the parents a feeling of partnership in the education of their children.

  5. Provide a comprehensive range of opportunities for parents to become informed, in a timely way, about how the program will be designed, operated, and evaluated, allowing opportunities for parental participation, so that parents and educators can work together to achieve the program's objectives.


Opportunities for increased involvement by parents shall be provided by the Board through:


  1. The provision of support for activities that may be requested by parents to ensure that parents are involved in the planning, design, and implementation of appropriate programs.

  2. The convening of an annual meeting to explain to parents the programs and activities.  Meetings shall be scheduled on both a district-wide basis and in each school.

  3. The reporting of student progress to parents and, in doing so, holding periodic parent-teacher conferences with the parents of each child, discussing the child's progress, placement, and methods by which the parents can complement the child's instruction.

  4. The utilization of regular parent conferences; parent resource centers; parent training programs; hiring, training, and utilization of parental involvement liaison workers; reporting to parents on the children's progress; training and support of personnel to work with parents, to coordinate parent activities, and to make contact in the home; use of parents as classroom volunteers, tutors, and aides; provision of school-to-home complementary curriculum and materials and assistance in implementing home-based education activities that reinforce classroom instruction and student motivation; parent advisory councils; and timely responses to parent recommendations or suggestions.


East Carroll Parish School Board