The East Carroll Parish School Board encourages parental support of and community involvement in its schools.  It is believed that a close relationship should exist between school, business, and community.  Prior to participating in or observing school activities, volunteers shall be approved by the building principal and Superintendent of Schools.  The East Carroll Parish School Board shall act as final authority.


School personnel may not delegate responsibility or authority to volunteers.  Volunteers shall not assume responsibility or authority in any matter normally assigned to school personnel.   Interns or student teachers may observe or participate in activities conducted by a certified and tenured teacher.  The intern or student teacher shall be currently enrolled in a state approved college or university for internship or practice teaching and be accepted by the supervising teacher, building principal and Superintendent of Schools.


Volunteers, interns, and student teachers may be required to submit to a criminal history investigation, as conducted by the State of Louisiana.  In any event, all cost associated with the investigation shall be assumed by the volunteer, intern, or student teacher.


The building principal and supervising teacher shall establish and maintain a record of all volunteers, interns, and student teachers participating in school activities.  No payment shall be made for volunteer service.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81

Board minutes, 1-8-91


East Carroll Parish School Board