In accordance with state law, it is the responsibility of every parent, tutor, or legal guardian of a child between the ages of seven (7) and eighteen (18) to enforce the attendance of his or her child at the school to which the student is assigned.  Once a student arrives at school, he/she is expected to remain and attend each class throughout the day.


A student is considered to be in attendance when he or she is physically present at a school site or is participating in an authorized school activity and is under the supervision of authorized personnel.  This definition for attendance would extend to students who are homebound, assigned to and participating in drug rehabilitation programs that contain a state-approved education component, participating in school-authorized field trips or other school-approved activities, or taking a state-approved virtual course.



Compulsory attendance laws and Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) regulations require high school students to be in attendance a minimum of 30,060 minutes (equivalent to 83.5 six hour school days), per semester or 60,120 minutes (equivalent to 167 six hour school days) a school year for schools not operating on a semester basis in order to be eligible to receive credit for courses taken.


Elementary students shall be in attendance a minimum of 60,120 minutes (equivalent to 167 six-hour days) a school year in order to be eligible to receive credit for courses taken.


Students in danger of failing due to excessive absences may be allowed to make up missed time in class sessions held outside the regular class time.  The make up sessions must be completed before the end of the current semester and all other applicable policies must be met.




All students shall be under the jurisdiction of the school during normal school hours, from the time the student arrives at school each day until he or she leaves the school campus in the afternoon.  In case a student rides a bus, he or she shall be under the jurisdiction of the school from the time he or she boards the bus until the student exits the bus in the afternoon.  Students shall be under the jurisdiction of the school while attending any school sponsored activity either at school or away from school.  This shall apply to all students, including athletic teams, pep clubs, band and other student organizations.  In disciplinary matters, the School Board’s authority may extend beyond the limits set forth above, in accordance with state law.


Revised:  December, 1991

Revised:  August, 2010

Revised:  January, 1996

Revised:  May, 2011

Revised:  April, 2008

Revised:  May, 2013

Revised:  September, 2008




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