The East Carroll Parish School Board expects students to be well behaved while attending school or any school activity and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.  Every teacher and every other school employee shall be authorized to hold every student to a strict accountability for any disorderly conduct, and discipline policies shall be applicable, in school or on the playgrounds of the school, on the street or road while going to or returning from school, on any school bus, during intermission or recess, or at any school-sponsored activity or function.


Students have the responsibility to know and respect the rules of the school system.  Students shall comply with all School Board policies and school regulations, student codes of conduct, and directions of principals, teachers, and other authorized school personnel during any period of time when the student is under the authority of school personnel.


The School Board shall demand reasonable student behavior and administer discipline with fundamental fairness without regard to gender, race, ethnic origin, religion or political belief.  All students shall be afforded the basic rights of citizenship recognized and protected for persons of their age and maturity.  Students shall exercise their rights and responsibilities in accordance with rules established for orderly conduct of the school's mission.  Students who violate the rules of conduct shall be subject to disciplinary measures designed to correct the misconduct so that an environment conducive to learning can be maintained.


Moreover, the School Board reserves the authority to discipline students for behavior that may constitute a material disruption of the educational process such as audio, video, or other materials/information that may appear on the Internet or be transferred over electronic devices.




While the School Board cannot reasonably be expected to develop a Student Code of Conduct in such detail as to anticipate every type of misconduct that could possibly occur, the School Board shall develop and maintain a Student Code of Conduct, which shall enumerate the necessary discipline action to be taken against any student who violates the Code of Conduct.  It shall be in compliance with all existing policies, rules, and regulations of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and all state laws relative to student discipline.


The School Board’s Code of Conduct shall include progressive levels of minor through major infractions and identify corresponding minor through major interventions and consequences.  Before an initial referral for a student's expulsion, the Code of Conduct shall require the prior administration of interventions in accordance with the minor tiers in the Code of Conduct, except in instances where the expulsion referral is the result of accumulated minor infractions in accordance with the Code of Conduct, or the underlying incident threatens the safety and health of students or staff.  Expulsions shall be reserved for the major tier of behavioral infractions involving weapons or drugs, or when the safety of students and staff has been put in jeopardy.


The Code of Conduct shall also include information detailing the appeal process for expulsion as included in policy JDE, Expulsion.


Prior to the beginning of each school year, all schools of the East Carroll Parish School District shall provide each student, and his/her parent or legal guardian with a Student Handbook or similar document that identifies and explains discipline policies, rules or regulations, and procedures that are parish-wide and/or specific to that school, as well as outline the consequences for students who violate the Student Code of Conduct or any school policy, regulation, or procedure.  Such consequences may include, but may not be limited to, oral or written reprimands, parental contact, removal of the student from the classroom, detention, corporal punishment, in-school suspension, suspension from school, assignment to an alternative school, recommending expulsion from school, or any other disciplinary measure authorized by the principal in conjunction with state law and/or School Board policy.




Students shall be informed by school authorities that violations of School Board policy and school rules or regulations may result in a range of disciplinary actions including suspension or expulsion.  Each school shall plan and conduct an orientation and other meetings within the first five (5) days of school each year to fully inform all employees and students of all discipline policies, provisions of the Student Code of Conduct applicable to such students, and rules and regulations necessary for the safe and orderly operation of the public schools.  The orientation shall also include information on the consequences of failure to comply with disciplinary rules and requirements of the Student Code of Conduct, particularly bullying and similar prohibited conduct, including suspension, expulsion, the possibility of suspension of student’s driver’s license, and the possible criminal consequences of violent acts committed on school property, at a school-sponsored function, or in a firearm-free zone, as well as the contents of the Teacher Bill of Rights.  Meetings shall also be held throughout the school year as may be necessary to inform new employees and new students of such discipline policies, and regulations, contents of the Student Code of Conduct, and pertinent school rules.


The orientation instruction shall be age appropriate and grade appropriate and take into consideration whether the student is in a regular or special education program.


Any student who does not receive the orientation during the first five (5) days of the school year shall be provided an orientation during the first five (5) days of the student’s attendance.




Each student in grades 4-12 and each parent or guardian of a student in grades 4-12, shall annually sign a Statement of Compliance.  For students, the Statement of Compliance shall state that the student agrees to attend school regularly, arrive at school on time, demonstrate significant effort toward completion of homework assignments, and follow school and classroom rules.  For parents, the Statement of Compliance shall state that the parent or legal guardian agrees to ensure his/her child's daily attendance at school, ensure his/her child's arrival at school on time each day, ensure his/her child completes all assigned homework, and attend all required parent/teacher/principal conferences.  Failure by a student and/or parent or guardian to sign the respective Statement of Compliance may result in disciplinary action.


Revised:  September, 2008

Revised:  November, 2012

Revised:  September 14, 2021



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