1. Upon becoming aware that a student has a drug or alcohol problem, a principal shall contact:


    1. Parent or guardian

    2. Supervisor of child welfare and attendance


  1. A student will be automatically suspended if found to be under the influence or in the possession of illegal drugs or alcohol.

  2. If a student is suspected of distribution or attempted distribution, in addition to the aforementioned school officials, a representative of local law enforcement will also be notified.

  3. A hearing at the school or designated place, with parent(s), superintendent's representative, principal, and drug coordinator must be held before the student will be readmitted to school and a program of appropriate counseling for the student will be set up.

  4. If a student or parent does not comply with any part of all of the above, then the matter shall be turned over to local law enforcement agency for whatever course of action it deems appropriate.


East Carroll Parish School Board