The bus operator, together with the principal, shall assume full responsibility for discipline of students riding buses.  Any disciplinary problems shall be reported by the operator to the principal of the school involved.  It is the duty of the operator, in case of any infraction of rules by any student, to notify the principal of the school the student attends.  If possible, this must be done in person.  It is the responsibility of the principal to determine necessary punishment to students violating regulations.


If found necessary, the principal may suspend bus privileges.  Any parent of a student suspended from riding a school bus shall have the right to appeal to the parish Superintendent who shall conduct a hearing on the merits of the bus suspension.


A student damaging a school bus shall be subject to suspension from school.  Any student suspended for damages to any school bus shall not be readmitted until payment in full has been made for such damage or until his/her readmittance is directed by the Superintendent.


At no time shall the bus operator assume authority for suspending bus privileges or taking such disciplinary action.  If the conduct of a student becomes such that his removal from the bus becomes essential, the operator shall discharge the student at the student's regular stop.  A student riding a school bus shall never be unloaded along the highway except at his/her designated stop, unless he/she is endangering the lives of other children on the bus.


Rules and regulations pertaining to student behavior on school buses are as follows:


  1. Students shall obey the operator willingly and promptly.  The operator is in full charge of the bus and students.

  2. Each student may be assigned a seat which he/she is expected to use at all times, unless permission to change is given by the operator.

  3. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct is to be observed.

  4. Students are to assist in keeping the bus clean by not throwing any trash on the floor.  Students shall not throw any refuse out the windows.

  5. No student shall at any time extend his/her head, hands or arms out of the windows whether bus is in motion or standing still.

  6. No student shall open a window on the bus without first getting permission of the operaor.

  7. Students shall leave the bus in an orderly fashion and cross the highway only in front of the bus.

  8. Sfudents shall not stand or play in the road while waiting for the bus.

  9. Students who have to walk for some distance along the highway to the bus loading zone shall walk on the left hand side of the road facing traffic.  This shall also apply to students leaving the bus loading zone in the afternoon.

  10. Students shall see that they have nothing in their possession that may cause injury to another, such as sticks, any type of firearms or pins extending from their clothing.

  11. No student shall talk to the operator any more than is necessary.

  12. Students shall clean shoes and boots before entering the bus.

  13. A student who is willfully disobedient, fights or destroys property while on a school bus may lose transportation privileges and may be excluded from the bus.  Public transportation is a privilege and a convenience and is conditioned upon good behavior and strict observance of the rules of the School Board for student transportation.

  14. It is recommended strongly that if a student rides a bus to school in the morning that he/she also ride the bus home in the afternoon.

  15. Eating, drinking, and gum chewing are not allowed.

  16. Smoking or any other tobacco use is not permitted by anyone on Parish school buses.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:223


East Carroll Parish School Board