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The East Carroll Parish School Board shall not permit a school or grade to be dismissed before the regular hour for dismissal except with the approval of the office of the Superintendent.  No teacher or school staff member may permit any individual student to leave school prior to the regular hour of dismissal except by permission of the principal.


No student may be permitted to leave school prior to the dismissal hour at the request of or in the company of anyone other than a school employee, police officer, court official, parent, tutor, or legal guardian of the child, unless the permission of the parent or legal guardian has been first secured.  If any police or court official requests the dismissal of a student during school hours, parents or legal guardian should be notified as soon as possible.


Parents, legal guardians, or persons designated by parents on the emergency card must check out his/her child at school in person and proof of identification must be provided before the child is released.


A child shall only be released to the parent awarded legal custody of the child if the parents are divorced or legally separated.  A child shall be released to a non-custodial parent only if there is written permission for doing so signed by the custodial parent on file with the school office.


No student shall be released from school early on the basis of a phone call which has not been validated.  No student shall be permitted to check himself/herself out of school, unless legally emancipated.




Students are required to check out through the principal's office before leaving the school campus during the hours school is in session.


Students shall not be sent off campus to perform an errand or act as messengers.




  1. A student that needs to check out during the school day must secure a note/slip from the office.  A parent/guardian shall be called to discuss the student checking out.  At this time, the parent or authorized designee who has been registered in the school office by the parent/guardian, may come to the school and check out the student by signing the checkout book in the administrative office.  Only parents or persons authorized by the parent/guardian and whose names are on file in the school’s administrative office shall be permitted to pick up students.  Students may not be checked out by phone.  Students who are emancipated may be allowed to check themselves out if they have a legal/notarized document on file in the office.  The student shall return to class or be seated in the office until the parent/authorized designee arrives at school.

  2. In cases where parents/authorized designees cannot be contacted, the student attempting to check out shall be returned to class or seated in the office.  If the student returns to school the same day, the student must sign in through the administrative office.  Early, repetitive checkouts are not in the best interest of students and are therefore strongly discouraged.

  3. Checkouts shall be counted as excused or unexcused absences depending upon reason for the student checking out.  Excused absences must be documented with a note from a parent and/or physician or dentist.

  4. Students who leave campus without following checkout procedures shall be disciplined accordingly.


Revised:  August, 2009



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 17:221, 17:226, 17:232

Board minutes, 8-4-09


East Carroll Parish School Board